Most IP Professionals do not have the time or resources to devote to patent administrative and patent monitoring tasks. 

Without the proper resources, this extra work can lead to:

  • unexpected work;
  • late nights;
  • short timelines;
  • hurried responses;
  • overtime costs; and
  • a “reactive” work style.

Which is why Patent Watch Online was created – To Save You Time and Money.



Whether you run a law firm, a university technology transfer office, or an R&D company, Patent Watch Online can help your organization run more efficiently.  Why PWO?

  • Be Proactive, Instead of Reactive. Don’t wait for the information on the status of your patent application – instead have notices delivered electronically right to you. Have up-to-date information at your fingertips!
  • Save Money – eliminate overtime for current employees or eliminate the need for additional personnel.
  • Low Cost – Low Risk – An inexpensive service – and you can cancel at any time!
  • Save Time – don’t waste your time creating client reporting letters, let us draft  them for you.

There are benefits not only for you, but for your clients as well – such as timely, well-written responses